[Bug 1875471] Re: python3-certbot-nginx is incompatible with its dependencies

Andreas Hasenack andreas at canonical.com
Tue May 5 14:57:18 UTC 2020

Ok, I filed bugs for the FTBFS issues, but per policy, we won't do an
update just to fix failed-to-build-from-source bugs: these should be
updated together with something else.

Thanks for all the options you outlined in comment #8, and for the check
in comment #11.

So to keep things simple:

a) update just python-certbot-nginx to 0.40.0, and gloss over the fact
that the build-time tests are being skipped;

b) fix the build-time tests call in python-certbot-nginx, which will require these other changes:
- bump python-certbot-apache to 0.40.0
- drop TLSSNI01 from python-certbot 0.40.0
- preferably fix python-acme's idna build-deps and update it together, as that would also run tests with the current idna in focal
I didn't check if the version bumps have the commits you mentioned, but the tests and a minimal run worked. If this looks feasable, the next step would be to run the full test suite, and also try this on a live server with proper DNS setup.

c) bump everything to what we have in groovy, so that the versions match
expectations and we don't have this big mismatch we are seeing in focal
right now

There is a feeling we should go with (a) to fix the immediate problem,
and (b) can be done over time, or even (c).

I have the (b) scenario done in my ppa at

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  python3-certbot-nginx is incompatible with its dependencies

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