[Bug 1789527] Re: Galera agent doesn't work when grastate.dat contains safe_to_bootstrap

Rafael David Tinoco rafaeldtinoco at ubuntu.com
Wed Apr 8 22:00:59 UTC 2020

commit 16dee87e24ee1a0d6e37b5fa7b91c303f7c912db
Author: Ralf Haferkamp <rhafer at suse.de>
Date:   Tue Aug 22 15:47:47 2017 +0200

    galera: Honor "safe_to_bootstrap" flag in grastate.dat

    With version 3.19 galera introduced the "safe_to_bootstrap" flag to the
    grastate.dat file [1]. When all nodes of a cluster are shutdown cleanly,
    the last node shutting down gets this flag set to 1. (All others get a

    This commit enhances the galera resource agent to make use of that flag
    when selecting an appropriate node for bootstrapping the cluster.  When
    any of the cluster nodes has the "safe_to_bootstrap" flag set to 1, that
    node is immediately selected as the boostrap node of the cluster.

    When all nodes have safe_to_bootstrap=0 or the flag is not present the
    current bootstrap behaviour mostly unchanged. We just set
    "safe_to_bootstrap" to 1 in grastate.dat on the selected bootstrap node
    to a allow for galera to start, as outlined in the galera documentation

    Fixes: #915

    [1] http://galeracluster.com/2016/11/introducing-the-safe-to-bootstrap-feature-in-galera-cluster
    [2] http://galeracluster.com/documentation-webpages/restartingcluster.html#safe-to-bootstrap-protection

$ git describe --tags 16dee87e24ee1a0d6e37b5fa7b91c303f7c912db

resource-agents | 1:3.9.2-5ubuntu4             | precise         |
resource-agents | 1:3.9.2-5ubuntu4.1           | precise-updates |
resource-agents | 1:3.9.3+git20121009-3ubuntu2 | trusty          |
resource-agents | 1:3.9.7-1                    | xenial          |
resource-agents | 1:3.9.7-1ubuntu1.1           | xenial-updates  |

not affected:

resource-agents | 1:4.1.0~rc1-1ubuntu1         | bionic          |
resource-agents | 1:4.1.0~rc1-1ubuntu1.2       | bionic-updates  |
resource-agents | 1:4.2.0-1ubuntu1             | disco           |
resource-agents | 1:4.2.0-1ubuntu1.1           | disco-updates   |
resource-agents | 1:4.2.0-1ubuntu2             | eoan            |
resource-agents | 1:4.4.0-3ubuntu1             | focal           |

** Also affects: resource-agents (Ubuntu Bionic)
   Importance: Undecided
       Status: New

** Also affects: resource-agents (Ubuntu Trusty)
   Importance: Undecided
       Status: New

** Also affects: resource-agents (Ubuntu Xenial)
   Importance: Undecided
       Status: New

** Changed in: resource-agents (Ubuntu Trusty)
       Status: New => Won't Fix

** Changed in: resource-agents (Ubuntu Xenial)
       Status: New => Confirmed

** Changed in: resource-agents (Ubuntu Bionic)
       Status: New => Fix Released

** Changed in: resource-agents (Ubuntu)
       Status: Triaged => Fix Released

** Changed in: resource-agents (Ubuntu)
     Assignee: Rafael David Tinoco (rafaeldtinoco) => (unassigned)

** Changed in: resource-agents (Ubuntu)
   Importance: Medium => Undecided

** Tags added: block-proposed-xenial

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  Galera agent doesn't work when grastate.dat contains safe_to_bootstrap

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