[Bug 1778322] Re: gvfs-smb-browse can't browse samba/smb tree

Andreas Hasenack andreas at canonical.com
Fri Mar 29 19:40:43 UTC 2019

** Description changed:

- * Impact
- On Bionic Beaver 18.04.1 gvfs-smb-browse can't browse smbtree because of that Nautilus displays "Empty Folder" when clicking "Windows Network"
+ [Impact]
+ The so called "browsing a windows network" made use of an SMB1 protocol version feature. Recent versions of samba, including the one released with bionic, default to a higher versions of the protocol which lacks this feature. As a result, the "other locations -> windows network" tab in Nautilus is empty even when there are windows or samba machines in the network.
+ Accessing such machines directly, via smb://<name-or-ip>/ type urls, continues to work.
- * Test case
- Try to browse a smb share from a bionic client
+ The fix is two-fold:
+ - introduce a new samba API call that can be used to set the protocol version to use
+ - change applications to make use of this API call to set the protocol versio to SMB1/NT1 just for the network browsing
- * Regression potential
- Check that smb browsing/mounts still work as they should
+ gvfs was updated to make use of this api call, if detected at build
+ time. To complete this SRU, gvfs needs a no-change rebuild *after* samba
+ was accepted into proposed.
- ---------------------------
+ [Test case]
+ * Launch a bionic desktop vm. You can start with a server one, and then install the "ubuntu-desktop" package. In the same command, also install the packages we need for this test:
+ $ sudo apt update
+ $ sudo apt install ubuntu-desktop samba smbclient
+ * set a password for the ubuntu user, so you can login at the graphical console
+ $ sudo passwd ubuntu 
+ * reboot
+ $ sudo reboot
+ * login at the graphical console as the ubuntu user. Go through the
+ first-user-setup motions as you want.
+ * try to browse the windows network via "other locations -> windows
+ network". You will get an empty folder.
+ * update the samba and gvfs packages
+ * logout and login again on the gui, browse the windows network again. This time it will show the "WORKGROUP" folder, and if you click through, you will see yourself (your VM).
+ [Regression potential]
+ The samba update itself just introduces and exposes a new API call. It's up to other applications to make use of that. gvfs was patched to detect this call at build time and use it if it's detected.
+ Packages that are not rebuilt will not see the change, and packages that *are* rebuilt will only see the change if they make use of it.
+ [Other Info]
+ This update introduces a specific runtime dependency between gvfs and libsmbclient due to the new API call added to the latter. Any package that is rebuilt with libsmbclient and makes use of that API call will get this specific dependency. This is handled automatically by dh_mkshlibs.
+ To complete this SRU, gvfs will need a no-change rebuild after samba was
+ accepted into proposed.
  Nautilus should show smbtree nad host on the smb network.
  When inputing this command:
  killall gvfsd-smb-browse && GVFS_DEBUG=1 /usr/lib/gvfs/gvfsd-smb-browse
  You can see the error:
  smb-network: Queued new job 0x55b19a2c9f40 (GVfsJobCreateMonitor)
  smb-network: send_reply(0x55b19a2c9f40), failed=1 (Action not supported by the processing engine)
  smb-network: backend_dbus_handler org.gtk.vfs.Mount:QueryFilesystemInfo (pid=5708)
  smb-network: Queued new job 0x55b19a2e7820 (GVfsJobQueryFsInfo)
  smb-network: send_reply(0x55b19a2e7820), failed=0 ()
  smb-network: backend_dbus_handler org.gtk.vfs.Mount:Enumerate (pid=5708)
  smb-network: Queued new job 0x55b19a2c30c0 (GVfsJobEnumerate)
  smb-network: send_reply(0x55b19a2c30c0), failed=0 ()
  Proposed solution:
  Add gvfsbackendbrowse-switch-to-NT1.patch disscused on RedHat Bugzilla
  which implements "change to NT1" in gvfs-smb-browse to browse smbtree to aviod adding "max client protocol" = NT1" to smb.conf to switch all samba to unsafe NT1 which most users are doing to correct this bug.

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  gvfs-smb-browse can't browse samba/smb tree

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