[Bug 1818431] Re: Winbind failing to start leads to postinst erroring out

Andreas Hasenack andreas at canonical.com
Mon Mar 11 20:41:43 UTC 2019

About the package vs system managers debate, I'll just comment that it's
not that simple, and that a package that is yet to be installed might
need a service running already, and if that service failed to start,
what should it do? apt stopped (it didn't "break"), so that the admin
could figure out what is wrong.

Regarding the steps you took, I can't troubleshoot your deployment system, but I do see that you are starting services several times, and updating config files in between. I would suggest the following:
- install packages you need
- update config files as you need them
- join domain if needed
- then (re)start services

What you are doing, but I don't have your config files at hand to
confirm, is restart the services with a configuration that is not yet
valid. In particular, winbind is expecting to be joined to a domain
already in the config you give it, but when it looks for the secret, it
can't find it.

Perhaps another option for you is to use policy-rc.d where you can
create a policy of when services should be (re)started. See the "INIT
SCRIPT POLICY" section in invoke-rc.d(8) manpage, or the /usr/share/doc
/init-system-helpers/README.policy-rc.d.gz file (installed by the init-
system-helpers package).

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  Winbind failing to start leads to postinst erroring out

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