[Bug 1814157] Re: [FFe] ubuntu-advantage-tools v.19

Andreas Hasenack andreas at canonical.com
Tue Apr 9 15:12:43 UTC 2019

** Description changed:

  The canonical-server team is requesting a feature freeze exception for acceptance of an new version of ubuntu-advantage-tools. Version 19 will introduce an updated command line interface (UA Client) to simplify some interaction with Ubuntu Advantage support offerings. This version of ubuntu-advantage-tools depends on interaction with a new remote Contract API service for authentication and entitlement details.
  ubuntu-advantage-tools v.19 is currently under development against a Contract API spec but it has not yet been qualified against a functional (production, development) Contract API service. That contract service will not be made available to us until Feb 11th at earliest which doesn't leave enough time to validate ubuntu-advantage-tools' interaction with the remote API and resolve all major bugs by feature freeze date.
  If we block the update to ubuntu-advantage-tools version 19, Ubuntu
  consumers will continue to use the existing ubuntu-advantage-tools. The
  current version requires authentication credentials for each different
  offering, whereas the new one offers a centralized and streamlined
   Our expectation is to have access to the UA Contract API backend service (ver.1) by Feb 11th at the earliest. The Contract API is under heavy active development which is changing the API spec in the process. When the Contract API service is available for testing, the Ubuntu Advantage integration testing against a functional API can begin to exercise both supported and unsupported platforms (kvm, lxc, baremetal). At this point any major bugs can be recognized and resolved.
  Low-risk for Disco as ubuntu-advantage-tools will not allow enabling most support entitlements because it is not an LTS (where ESM or FIPS have support). This is a fairly simple command-line tool without a lot of moving pieces, the most significant complexity/risk in this new version comes from iteractions with the UA Contract API backend service to obtain auth tokens and request entitlement configuration details.
+ There is an apt hook for ESM being installed now that will run, and if
+ it fails, it will print an error at the end of transactions:
+ <juliank|away> andreas: not near a computer (except my phone), and can't
+ edit launchpad, but the only risk from the apt hook is it failing and
+ printing error messages at the end of apt update/install/upgrade/etc
  This new client is a rewrite from bash to python and is used only to
  enable/disable apt repositories, interact with motd and livepatch. The
  move to python makes it a bit easier to test functionality. We will have
  both integration tests and unittest coverage for all significant
  features to ensure that the features are well vetted prior to release.

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  [FFe] ubuntu-advantage-tools v.19

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