[Bug 1723350] Re: sssd offline on boot, stays offline forever

Andreas Hasenack andreas at canonical.com
Tue May 8 18:07:47 UTC 2018

@renbag could you please:

- add debug_level = 4 to [sssd] and your [domain/] sections
- reboot
- post the output of these commands right after:

systemd-analyze blame

systemd-analyze critical-chain

- login as a kerberos/ldap user, which has been failing
- check the new logs in /var/log/sssd/* trying to catch the moment it decides it is offline. You could attach them to this bug, your the username and realm will show up and it might be too much to sanitize

In my artful-desktop VM, setup to use krb5 and ldap from another
machine, logins after reboots work just fine. I can also take the
network down, fail a login, take it backup, and without restarting
anything login just fine afterwards. So we haven't gotten to the bottom
of this yet.

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  sssd offline on boot, stays offline forever

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