[Bug 1745817] Re: autofs 5.1.2-1ubuntu2 crashes on nfs mount

Andreas Hasenack andreas at canonical.com
Fri Apr 13 16:42:17 UTC 2018

What I got so far:

a) Using "/net /etc/auto.net -intr,soft --timeout=60" works around it
b) The crash is in AUTH_WRAP(cl->cl_auth, xdrs, xargs, argsp):

367		if ((! XDR_PUTINT32(xdrs, (int32_t *)&proc)) ||
368		    (! AUTH_MARSHALL(cl->cl_auth, xdrs)) ||
369		    (! AUTH_WRAP(cl->cl_auth, xdrs, xargs, argsp))) {
370			cu->cu_error.re_status = RPC_CANTENCODEARGS;
371			goto out;
372		}

For some reason, the ah_wrap and ah_unwrap functions are not set:
(gdb) p *cl->cl_auth->ah_ops
$21 = {ah_nextverf = 0x7ffff7354e50 <authunix_nextverf>, ah_marshal = 0x7ffff7354e60 <authunix_marshal>, ah_validate = 0x7ffff7355090 <authunix_validate>, ah_refresh = 0x7ffff7354ed0 <authunix_refresh>, 
  ah_destroy = 0x7ffff7354e80 <authunix_destroy>, ah_wrap = 0x0, ah_unwrap = 0x0}

AUTH_WRAP() in particular wants ah_wrap.

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  autofs 5.1.2-1ubuntu2 crashes on nfs mount

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