[Bug 1699659] Re: phpquery always returns 0

Nish Aravamudan nish.aravamudan at canonical.com
Thu Jun 22 20:27:21 UTC 2017

** Description changed:

+ [Impact]
+  * various PHP postinst uses php-defaults' scripts for determing what actions to perform.
+  * The phpquery script has an error that does not propogate state correctly.
+ [Test Case]
+ [Regression Potential]
+  * This is pure bug-fix backport from version 44 (in yakkety and on) to
+ xenial. The regression potential is very low; most likely people were
+ seeing the issue as reported in this bug and manually, e.g., disabling
+ modules again on every upgrade. This will actually avoid having to do
+ that.
+ ---
  In the course of diagnosing an issue with a PHP module (xdebug in this
  case) kept re-enabling itself during upgrades of libapache2-mod-php7.0,
  I found the following:
  1. libapache2-mod-php7.0 postscript sources /usr/lib/php/php-
  maintscript-helper from php-common to re-enable modules that have not
  been administratively disabled.
  2. php-maintscript-helper calls phpenmod based on the output and return
  codes of phpquery
  3. phpquery calls its own action() function, which initializes the $ret
  variable to 0
  4. phpquery action() calls into various other functions in the script,
  and sets the $ret variable based on their returns
  5. phpquery action() returns 0
  6. php-maintscript-helper correspondingly calls phpenmod on all
  available php modules for the apache2 SAPI
- Source link for xenial: https://git.launchpad.net/~usd-import-team/ubuntu/+source/php-defaults/tree/phpquery?h=ubuntu/xenial#n162
+ Source link for xenial: https://git.launchpad.net/~usd-import-
+ team/ubuntu/+source/php-defaults/tree/phpquery?h=ubuntu/xenial#n162
  the following addition to action() after the esac is necessary to bubble
  up the internal functions' returns:
  return $ret

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  phpquery always returns 0

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