[Bug 1578833] Re: pollinate should not run in containers and only for first boot

Dustin Kirkland  dustin.kirkland at gmail.com
Fri May 6 16:32:18 UTC 2016

** Description changed:

  Booting a xenial cloud image in lxd shows that pollinate by far is the
  biggest bottleneck:
  $ systemd-analyze blame
-   2.756s pollinate.service
-    656ms cloud-init-local.service
-    598ms cloud-init.service
-    509ms cloud-config.service
-    393ms cloud-final.service
-    147ms networking.service
+   2.756s pollinate.service
+    656ms cloud-init-local.service
+    598ms cloud-init.service
+    509ms cloud-config.service
+    393ms cloud-final.service
+    147ms networking.service
  This is the second boot, so cloud-init should not actually do anything
  any more (it takes muuuch longer on the first boot).
  pollinate should not run in containers at all, as containers take
  randomness from the host. Also, for VMs it should only run for the first
  boot. Both upstart and systemd save the random seed on shutdown and load
  it at boot, which is a lot faster than pollinate.
  So pollinate.service should grow
-   ConditionVirtualization=!container
-   ConditionPathExists=!/var/lib/systemd/random-seed
+   ConditionVirtualization=!container
+   ConditionPathExists=!/var/lib/systemd/random-seed
+ == SRU ==
+ Some Xenial boots take longer than they should.  Pollinate should only run once, at first boot, and never in containers.  And should never take longer than 3 seconds.
+ Boot a new Xenial instance.  Ensure that pollinate runs the first time it boots.  You can check that in /var/log/syslog and ensure that /var/cache/pollinate/seeded exists /var/cache/pollinate/log.  Now reboot that instance.  Ensure that more, new entries do *not* show up.
+ The regression potential is important.  We need to ensure that we don't somehow *never* pollinate the first time.

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  pollinate should not run in containers and only for first boot

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