[Blueprint servercloud-x-server-core] General server work for Xenial

Kick In pierre-andre.morey at canonical.com
Tue Feb 16 15:11:52 UTC 2016

Blueprint changed by Kick In:

Work items changed:
  Work items for ubuntu-15.11:
  [serge-hallyn] etckeeper: DONE
  [paelzer] NIS merge: DONE
  Work items for ubuntu-15.12:
  [raharper] : tgt merge (bug 1524982): DONE
  [racb] nagios-plugins/monitoring-plugins merge and cleanup: DONE
  [kick-d] exim4 merge: DONE
  Work items for ubuntu-16.01:
  [stgraber] unbound merge: DONE
  [kick-d] amavisd-new merge: DONE
  [vorlon] freeipmi merge and cleanup (=3days): DONE
  [vorlon] freeipmi12 to 16 transition: DONE
  [teward] Update nginx to 1.9.10 (disregarding additional Debian changes): DONE
  [teward] Merge nginx 1.9.10 (extra Debian changes not already included): DONE
  [louis-bouchard] nut merge: DONE
  [nacc] logwatch merge: DONE
  Work items for ubuntu-16.02:
  [nacc] Consider php7.0 for Xenial: INPROGRESS
  [kick-d] NTP merge, cleanup and PPS support: MIR for pps-tools: INPROGRESS
  [arges] libvirt merge (bug 1533003) : INPROGRESS
  [arges] libvirt-python: INPROGRESS
  [raharper] strongswan merge and cleanup (=4days ha! bug 1535951): INPROGRESS
  [smoser] openiscsi merge (debian bug 804162): BLOCKED
  [racb] MySQL cleanup (=2days): TODO
  [racb] MySQL flags fix (=5days): TODO
  [lars-tangvald] MySQL move to 5.7 (=14days): TODO
  [racb] squid3 merge (=4days): TODO
  [racb] libecap (squid3 dependency): TODO
  [nacc] logwatch cleanup (waiting for release upstream): BLOCKED
  [nacc] Tomcat updates and cleanup (=14days): TODO
  [nacc] Java-related work (=10days): TODO
  [nacc] puppet merge and cleanup: TODO
  [rharper] docker.io 1.9 or greater: INPROGRESS
  [louis-bouchard] clamav merge: INPROGRESS
  [jamespage] crmsh and pacemaker: DONE
  [teward] Update nginx to 1.9.11 (bug 1543624): INPROGRESS
+ [kick-d] Amavisd-new update: INPROGRESS
  Work items for ubuntu-16.04:
  [teward] Update nginx to 1.10.x after upstream release: BLOCKED
  Work items:
  [smoser] systemd-boot tag ~ubuntu-server package review and fixes: TODO
  [paelzer] DPDK upstream work: INPROGRESS
  [serge-hallyn] enable numa in qemu (was actually done in vivid!): DONE
  [racb] HTTP/2 related work (=1days): TODO
  [racb] mail-stack-delivery deprecation plan: TODO
  dovecot merge (doko: done in wily, update to 2.2.2x would be good): TODO
  Consider postfix update: TODO

General server work for Xenial

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