[Bug 997217] Re: salsauthd maxes cpu

Daniel Parthey 997217 at bugs.launchpad.net
Sun Nov 17 22:48:44 UTC 2013

I'm sorry to say, that there is no simple test case.

The problem cannot be reproduced with simple instructions. You need to
run saslauthd -a rimap for a few days in front of nginx-extras+dovecot
IMAP and do a lot of imap logins to trigger the bug. But the bug is
already fixed by the newer patch version of
0034-fix_dovecot_authentication.patch in 2.1.25.dfsg1-17.

Some more system information:

Precise nginx:

mail01:~# dpkg -l "nginx*" |grep ^ii
ii  nginx-common                                                         1.1.19-1ubuntu0.4                 small, but very powerful and efficient web server (common files)
ii  nginx-extras                                                         1.1.19-1ubuntu0.4                 nginx web server with full set of core modules and extras

Self-compiled known-to-be-working stable dovecot release 2.1.16:

mail01:~# doveconf -n |head -2
# 2.1.16: /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf
# OS: Linux 3.2.0-56-generic x86_64 Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS 

Saslauthd ist running with following parameters, where is
the remote dovecot imap server:

/usr/sbin/saslauthd -a rimap -O -r -c -t 60 -m
/var/run/saslauthd -n 5

In the meanwhile I  took 0034-fix_dovecot_authentication.patch from the saucy package https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/saucy/amd64/sasl2-bin/2.1.25.dfsg1-17, updated the patch
0034-fix_dovecot_authentication.patch in the precise package and installed it on our servers.

I'll run for a few days (or weeks) now, and see if the CPU problem goes

If you want to test an official package update for precise, we can do so
on one of the machines.


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  salsauthd maxes cpu

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