[Bug 1206114] Re: Package apache2-prefork-dev broken in Saucy

Adam Conrad adconrad at 0c3.net
Wed Jul 31 18:50:53 UTC 2013

Yes, there's an old apache2-prefork-dev in the repository because
packages still depend on it.  It will be removed when that's no longer
the case.  THAT SAID, if you read the 2.2->2.4 documentation above,
rather than asking for someone to read it to you, you'll notice that the
apache maintainers in Debian have quite drastically upended the
packaging and the way modules should build and depend on apache, so
unless you're prepared to write a very hideous debian/rules and
debian/control, you're really better off just maintaining one set of
packaging scripts for <= 2.2 and one for >= 2.4.  Packing for 2.4 using
the new dh_* snippet is very clean and simple, but not if you try to
make it backward compatible.

Anyhow, the part where your package probably needs changes to be friends
with apache2.4 and the part where we have a crufty package in the
archive while we're still in the middle of the transition are two
opposite points.  However, the latter wouldn't be an issue if you
addressed the former (as almost all apache2 modules in Debian have done
by now).

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  Package apache2-prefork-dev broken in Saucy

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