[Bug 954620] Re: SSH StrictModes does not work correctly

Christian Kujau 954620 at bugs.launchpad.net
Wed Jul 24 08:20:09 UTC 2013

@Frank: does your home belong to your own per-user group? If so,
StrictMode=yes might notice that and still allow login. In my case:

 christian at alice$ ls -ld $HOME
 drwx------ 24 christian christian 20480 Jul 23 03:44 /home/christian

=> Now, setting $HOME to 0720 will still allow login with public keys.
But changing the ownership to e.g. ":users" makes StrictMode work.

Note that sshd_config defines "StrictModes" only as "specifies whether
sshd(8) should check file modes and ownership of the user's files and
home directory before accepting login." - i.e. there's no mention what
exactly is "checked". The source may be helpful on that.

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  SSH StrictModes does not work correctly

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