[Blueprint servercloud-s-openstack-charms] OpenStack Charm work for Saucy/Havana

Adam Gandelman adam.gandelman at canonical.com
Tue Jul 23 16:22:45 UTC 2013

Blueprint changed by Adam Gandelman:

Work items changed:
  Work items:
  openstack-dashboard python rewrite: TODO
  [andreserl] glance python rewrite: INPROGRESS
  [gandelman-a] cinder python rewrite: INPROGRESS
  [gandelman-a] swift-storage python rewrite: INPROGRESS
- nova-compute python rewrite: TODO
+ [gandelman-a] nova-compute python rewrite: INPROGRESS
  nova-cloud-controller python rewrite: TODO
  [james-page] openstack-dashboard python rewrite: INPROGRESS
  Integrate current openstack-charm-helpers into lp:charm-helpers: DONE
  Implement targetted test for HA aspects of charms: TODO
  Determine interop testing matrix: TODO
  Implement testing of interop matrix: TODO
  Automate basic smoke test of proposed charm change: TODO
  Update help.ubuntu.com wiki to point to current deployment guide: TODO
  [gandelman-a] Merge back all Grizzly charm work to charm store ASAP: DONE
  [gandelman-a] keystone public endpoint SSL: TODO
  nova-cloud-controller quantum network configuration during HTTP->HTTPS reconfiguration: TODO
  subordinate -> templated-based principle config refactoring: TODO
  Investigate cinder subordinate approach to plugins: TODO

OpenStack Charm work for Saucy/Havana

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