[Blueprint servercloud-s-openstack-qa] Openstack & Server QA

Chuck Short chuck.short at canonical.com
Mon Jul 15 18:44:41 UTC 2013

Blueprint changed by Chuck Short:

Work items changed:
  Work items:
  Add support for quantum based security rules to nova and quantum charms: TODO
  Add OpenStack + Quantum with L2 tenant separation: TODO
  Add aditional Virtualized activities: TODO
  Add smoke testing of the HA configuration: TODO
  Regression testing and upgrade testing of OpenStack charms: TODO
  [gandelman-a] Upgrade testing of OpenStack using charm upgrades: TODO
  Upgrade testing of packages: TODO
  Install vmware in openstack-ci lab: TODO
  Install Xen in openstack-ci lab: TODO
  Add ceilometer charm to openstack-ci lab: TODO
  Add tempest Stress Testing to openstack-ci lab: TODO
  Update swift-proxy to support ceilometer: TODO
- Add Dep-8 tests to openstack packages: TODO
+ Add Dep-8 tests to openstack packages: DONE
  Add ipv6 support to lab: TODO
  Add zeromq support tot lab: TODO
  Add reporting of test pipeline: TODO
  Upstream dependency tracking of pypi: TODO
  Implement mahem badger -> tempest integration: TODO
  Review reporting of testing results to public jenkins, investigate performance: TODO
  Review cloudbox inconjunction with Canonical cert team: TODO

Openstack & Server QA

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