[Blueprint servercloud-s-juju-docs] Improve Juju Documentation

Marco Ceppi marco at ceppi.net
Thu Jul 11 14:30:08 UTC 2013

Blueprint changed by Marco Ceppi:

Work items changed:
  Work items:
  [evilnick] Define structural elements of HTML5 doc: DONE
  [evilnick] Create sample "getting Started Guide": DONE
- [marcoceppi] Prepare rollout strategy for new docs launch: TODO
+ [marcoceppi] Prepare rollout strategy for new docs launch: DONE
  [marcoceppi] Propose policy for inclusion of doc contributions as ~charmers contrib: TODO
  [jorge] Streamline contributions process in documentation: TODO
  [evilnick] Create video/webinar strategy: TODO
  [mark-mims] Testing structure for charm documentation: TODO
  [marcoceppi] Auto-generate charm interfaces documentation: TODO
  [jorge] : Make sure our docs are synced on readthedocs.org: TODO
  [jorge] Migrate/Move documentation embedded in juju.ubuntu.com into juju.ubuntu.com/docs (getting started, and community).: TODO
  [a.rosales] Get a beta site going for Juju docs.: TODO
  [a.rosales] Get a permanent staging site for the docs: TODO
  [jorge] Get UX testing on the docs: TODO

Improve Juju Documentation

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