[Blueprint servercloud-s-virtstack] Virtualization Stack Work for Saucy

Stefan Bader stefan.bader at canonical.com
Wed Jul 3 16:01:39 UTC 2013

Blueprint changed by Stefan Bader:

Work items changed:
  Work items:
  [ebiederm] Push fix for XFS and user namespaces: TODO
  [serge-hallyn] Fix lxc-net to be nestable with no user interaction: DONE
  [serge-hallyn] Write sysctl to disable unprivileged CLONE_NEWUSER: DONE
  [serge-hallyn] Exploit stacked apparmor profiles for container nesting: BLOCKED
  [serge-hallyn] Pursue subuid patchset for shadow: TODO
  [serge-hallyn] Add console support to API (Dwight): DONE
  [serge-hallyn] Add attach support to API (Christian): TODO
  [serge-hallyn] Add snapshot support to API: TODO
  [serge-hallyn] Convert create to API: DONE
  [serge-hallyn] Convert stop to API: DONE
  [serge-hallyn] Convert destroy to API: DONE
  [serge-hallyn] List all other lxc-* programs to be converted to use the API: TODO
  [serge-hallyn] Update locking in API to handle killed programs: DONE
  [serge-hallyn] Update container creation to handle SIGKILL (using 'partial' file): DONE
  [serge-hallyn] Improve thread safety in API: DONE
  [serge-hallyn] Work distro lxc tests upstream: TODO
  [serge-hallyn] Discuss upstream stable branches with upstream: TODO
  [serge-hallyn] Get CONFIG_USER_NS=y into kernel (requires XFS issue resolved): BLOCKED
  [serge-hallyn] Merge qemu 1.5.0: DONE
  [serge-hallyn] Write a libvirt drive using the lxc API: TODO
  [serge-hallyn] Write loopback backingstore driver: DONE
  [serge-hallyn] Write qemu-nbd backingstore driver: TODO
  [serge-hallyn] Pursue patch for ovmf to provide save/restore of nvvars to support boot variables: TODO
  [serge-hallyn] Investigate openvswitch bridges by default in libvirt: TODO
  [serge-hallyn] Merge cgroup-lite into libcgroup (depends on libcgroup sysvinit scripts): BLOCKED
  [serge-hallyn] Default-off support for per-user cgroup configuration at boot/login: TODO
  [serge-hallyn] Ensure that lxc-ubuntu-cloud can be used with cloudinit for openstack: TODO
  [serge-hallyn] live block migration testing (using juju?) of libvirt+kvm with ceph: TODO
  [serge-hallyn] live block migration testing (using juju?) of libvirt+kvm with local storage: INPROGRESS
  [smoser] use simplestreams to provide secure ubuntu-cloud deliver to lxc: TODO
  [zulcss] Fix apparmor bug preventing libvirt-lxc from mounting blockdevs: TODO
  [zulcss] (or serge-hallyn) Write openstack patch to enable the new libvirt lxc-api driver: TODO
  [zulcss] Merge libvirt 1.0.6: TODO
  [zulcss] Follow up with Citrix's plans for xcp: TODO
- [stefan-bader-canonical] Merge xen 4.3: TODO
+ [stefan-bader-canonical] Merge xen 4.3: INPROGRESS

Virtualization Stack Work for Saucy

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