[Blueprint servercloud-r-webscale] WebScale Packaging and Main Promotions

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  --- User Stories ---
+ Frank wants to deploy nginx instead of apache to support a specific
+ requirement he has which cannot but fulfilled bu apache; he's able to
+ use a fully supported solution when using Ubuntu.
+ Toby is a nodejs developer; Ubuntu has the latest and greatest packaged
+ and easily installable.
+ Ante has been deploying varnish for some time; Ubuntu now fully supports
+ varnish so he can stop cutting his own security updates.
  --- Risks ---
+ Upstream appetite
+ Volatility/release frequency of upstream projects (nodejs specifically).
  --- Test Plans ---
  --- Release Note ---
+ [NGINX|nodejs|MongoDB|Varnish] is now in Ubuntu main and will recieved
+ Security Updates from the Ubuntu Security Team.
  --- Blog Post ---
- (Needs spec and WI definition) -[a.rosales; 12-DEC-2012]
+ Maybe
  --- UDS Discussion ---
  Etherpad from UDS session:
  Webscale Packaging Improvements and main promotions
  * Nginx - Has become de-facto scalable web server, and grown up as an OSS project now
      - Bug tracker? Now addressed
      - Supporting tooling might need some work to get feature parity with Apache:
          - nginxensite/nginxenmod etc....
      - http://nginx.org/en/security_advisories.html
      - Better backend support sounds compelling
- [] identify specific advantages of nginx over apache: TODO
- [] review security track record of nginx: TODO
- [] speak with upstream re main inclusion appetite: TODO
- [] prepare MIR for nginx (depends on above): BLOCKED
  * Node.js - Gaining popularity fast, and *SHOULD* be a build-dep of OpenStack Horizon
     - Also a direct dependency of the new Juju GUI
     - Azure tooling
     - Openstack Horizon Build Dependency
     - RBD's should drive seeding...
- ?? Default interpreter name ??
- [] evaluate nodejs core in supported seed: TODO
- [] confirm npm not suitable for inclusion: TODO
- [] prepare MIR for nodejs: BLOCKED
  * MongoDB (also headed for main as part of juju)
      - Dependency for Go Juju
      - Required support for TLS - needs looking at....
      - ceilometer support required this
  Cons: large codebase
  Pros: good upstream development process.
- [] evalute mongodb for supported seed: TODO
- [] confirm upstream appetite: TODO
- [] hook up with go juju team with dependency on mongodb: TODO
- [] prepare MIR for mongodb: BLOCKED
- Clint to look after mongo and nginx as the blue print owner.
  * Varnish (if time)
  Popular heavily used caching.
  More configurable--language based.
- [ivoks] determine if there is value in including in main: TODO
- [ivoks] prepare MIR for varnish: BLOCKED
  -- Others?
    - seed prunin.  Anything that can be dropped?
    - Varnish?

WebScale Packaging and Main Promotions

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