[Bug 1101371] Re: [SRU] Integrate v1.3 of Windows Azure Linux Agent

Ante Karamatić 1101371 at bugs.launchpad.net
Fri Jan 25 18:34:50 UTC 2013

** Summary changed:

- Integrate v1.3 of Windows Azure Linux Agent
+ [SRU] Integrate v1.3 of Windows Azure Linux Agent

** Description changed:

+ [Impact]
+ 5% of all instance launches are affected by not having these changes backported into Ubuntu series.
+ The version fixing this is tag 1.3 Windows Azure Linux Agent:
+ * https://github.com/Windows-Azure/WALinuxAgent/tags
+ Fixes error checking and robustness to the DVD mounting procedure as well as other fixes.
+ * https://code.launchpad.net/~utlemming/ubuntu/raring/walinuxagent/v1.3
+ [Test Case]
+ Boot enough instances to get at least one of them fail.
+ [Regression potential]
+ During our testing we were unable to reproduce the problem both with the old version and the new version. But, we can trust the upstream who is the author of the patches since this changes might impact an app that is used only within upstream's service.
+ Original report:
  We have tagged version 1.3 of the Windows Azure Linux Agent.  Please
  pull the new agent source or download directly from the following
-         https://github.com/Windows-Azure/WALinuxAgent/tags
+         https://github.com/Windows-Azure/WALinuxAgent/tags
  The important change in this release adds some error checking and
  robustness to our DVD mounting procedure, as well as a few minor
  Please test and let us know if you have any questions/comments.
  Stephen A. Zarkos
  Open Source Technology Center

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  [SRU] Integrate v1.3 of Windows Azure Linux Agent

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