[Bug 1103195] Re: MAAS WebUI crashes when installing maas-region-controller only

Raphaël Badin 1103195 at bugs.launchpad.net
Thu Jan 24 11:57:32 UTC 2013

Doing what I suggest above would indeed fix the immediate problem but
this leads to bigger problems:

The code assumes in two places (see bellow) that the first cluster to connect is the cluster controller installed on the same machine as the region controller.  This is based on the assumption that there is always a "master" cluster controller installed alongside the region controller.:
a) the first controller to connect is automatically accepted (this might not be what we want if the first controller is connecting from a remote location)
b) the code that accepts the first cluster assumes it's connecting from localhost and so does not bother trying to update nodegroup.maas_url (the url that the cluster should use to contact the MAAS server).

I think we've got two choices here:
- in the packaging, we reflect the assumption I told about above and we add maas-cluster-controller as a dependency of maas-region-controller.
- we fix the two problems I mention above ( a): only accept the first controller to connect if it's connecting from localhost, b) update nodegroup.maas_url for the first controller if the controller does not connect from localhost).

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  MAAS WebUI crashes when installing maas-region-controller only

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