[Blueprint servercloud-r-lxc] LXC work for R

Stéphane Graber stgraber at stgraber.org
Mon Jan 21 23:03:56 UTC 2013

Blueprint changed by Stéphane Graber:

Work items changed:
  Work items:
  [serge-hallyn] Send user namespace delta to kernel-team ASAP: DONE
  [serge-hallyn] Post syslog namespace design wiki page: DONE
  [serge-hallyn] Send syslog namespace prototype to lkml: DONE
  [serge-hallyn] Send syslog namespace description to kernel-team ASAP: DONE
  [serge-hallyn] Add set_cgroup_item() and get_cgroup_item() to C API: DONE
  [daniel-lezcano] Improved monitor notification support: TODO
  [stgraber] Fix lxc-ls (re-write using api): DONE
  [serge-hallyn] lxc-create or template option to specify userns mapping: TODO
  [serge-hallyn] push user namespace lxc delta upstream: DONE
  [serge-hallyn] add config options for loglevel and output file: DONE
  [serge-hallyn] drop lxccontainer.log default logging in api: DONE
  [serge-hallyn] lxc-create - set a default log file in /var/log/lxc/$container: DONE
  [serge-hallyn] lxc.autodev: push lxc patch upstream: DONE
  [serge-hallyn] lxc.autodev: push lxc patch into package: DONE
  [serge-hallyn] lxc.autodev: push mountall patch into package: DONE
  [serge-hallyn] list broken functionality in ubuntu container in user namespace: TODO
  [serge-hallyn] improve ubuntu container experience in user namespace: TODO
  [serge-hallyn] add config option for RLIMIT_NPROC in userns container: TODO
  [stgraber] add (not container) to upstart jobs which just fail: DONE
  [stgraber] write tool to pass devices into container: DONE
  [stgraber] create a separate package for templates: DONE
  [stgraber] have lxc-create record the name of template used in container config file for debugging: DONE
  [stgraber] support templates outside of $templatedir (pushed to git): DONE
- [stgraber] investigate what's needed to support containers outside of /var/lib/lxc: INPROGRESS
+ [stgraber] investigate what's needed to support containers outside of /var/lib/lxc (part of the scheduled API work): DONE
  [serge-hallyn] test apparmor profile stacking; implement any lxc changes needed to support it: BLOCKED
  [stgraber] rebase staging branch on upstream master: DONE
  [serge-hallyn] test attach support in userns kernel; shout if anything missing: DONE
  [daniel-lezcano] investigate/use http://lxc.sourceforge.net/download/procfs to filter /proc/{cpuinfo,meminfo,etc}: TODO
  [stgraber] investigate: does dnsmasq save mac->ip across host reboots? (it does): DONE
  [stgraber] Port arkose to python3 (and make it pep8 clean): DONE
  [stgraber] Port arkose to python3-lxc: BLOCKED
  [stgraber] Port auto-dist-upgrader to python3-lxc: DONE
  [stgraber] Tweak the tests to ensure auto-dist-upgrader on LXC gives the same results as on kvm: INPROGRESS
- [stgraber] Check what it'd take to make lxc work fine when creating/starting/stopping containers in parallel: TODO
+ [stgraber] Check what it'd take to make lxc work fine when creating/starting/stopping containers in parallel (improved locking of templates): DONE
  [stgraber] Add code to detect and install langpacks in containers (at least -base-en): DONE
  [stgraber] Get LXC into main: INPROGRESS
  [ebiederm] Push current userns patchset upstream: DONE
  [ebiederm] Add support for tmpfs mounts in userns: TODO

LXC work for R

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