[Bug 1004162] [NEW] Samba won't change from wired to wireless NIC in same session

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Thu Jan 17 09:18:44 UTC 2013

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Home network consists of:

main - this PC is wired to the router @ Dual boots Win 7 &
Xubuntu 12.04.

laptop-wired - this is a Lenovo T60 on Dual boots Win 7 and
Xubuntu 12.04. This IP belongs to the wired NIC.

laptop-wireless - this is the same Lenovo T60 with the wireless NIC on

Android phone - sees and connects to all shares... it doesn't care.

So here's the problem: I've got the laptop and main PC sharing folders
just fine. Windows shares with Linux and vice-versa, regardless of which
computer is booted into which OS - as long as the laptop is plugged into
LAN via the wired NIC. The minute I un-plug it, the laptop reverts to
the wireless NIC and has access to the router and full internet access,
but it cannot connect to the shares on main regardless of which OS is
current running on main.

As an experiment, I unplugged the laptop and rebooted it. Now it
connects to the shares on main just fine. If I plug it in, it directs
all traffic thru the wired NIC (I can tell by the icon in the Xubuntu
taskbar) and all is well. I then unplug the wired NIC and the wireless
NIC is able to connect to the same shares just fine.

Therefore, it seems that the only time I have a problem is if the laptop
is initially booted with the wired NIC... I then diconnect and it then
reverts to the wireless NIC... bit it can no longer access shares on

However, if I boot the laptop using only the wireless NIC (unplugged) it
has no problem sharing regardless of which NIC is currently in use.

To summarize, if the laptop is initially connected via the wired NIC and
then is unplugged, it has no problem going to the wireless NIC for
internet access through the router. However, it cannot access shares on
the main pc (which is always wired). But if I do this the other way
around... boot with it unplugged... the wireless NIC can access the
shares. I can then plug in the wired NIC and still access shares. I can
also unplug and go back to the wireless NIC and still access shares.

This seems to be the only way to guarantee that the laptop can access
the shares whether it's using the wired or wireless NIC: boot it with
only the wireless NIC (unplugged).

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Samba won't change from wired to wireless NIC in same session
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