[Blueprint servercloud-r-juju-appserver-support] Juju support for application server technologies (Django, JEE, RoR, etc)

Antonio Rosales antonio at canonical.com
Tue Jan 15 21:53:07 UTC 2013

Blueprint changed by Antonio Rosales:

Work items changed:
  Work items:
  [jorge] Add App-By-Config and App-By-Subordinate to charm quality: TODO
  [clint-fewbar] Highlight examples of both approaches: TODO
  [brunogirin] evaluate/improve django (working with existing maintainer): TODO
  [brunogirin] Document deploying django tutorial with juju: TODO
  [jorge] sync up with dev to evaluate/improve node.js (working with existing maintainer): TODO
  [jorge] evaluate/improve rails (working with existing maintainer): DONE
  [brunogirin] Develop principles for normalizing interfaces in like services: TODO
  [marcoceppi] Contact and work with PHP app devs (Zend and Symfony): TODO
  [brunogirin] JBOSS charm: TODO
  [marcoceppi] Mediawiki: INPROGRESS
  [jimbaker] Django: INPROGRESS
+ [jimbaker] MongoDB challenge: TODO
  [negronjl] MongoDB: INPROGRESS
  [jorge] Postgresql: TODO
  [robert-ayres] MySQL: TODO
  [jorge] Node.js: TODO
  [a.rosales] Node.js: TODO
  [mark-mims] Rails: TODO
  [jorge] Memcached: TODO
  [negronjl] Redis: TODO
  [jorge] Varnish: TODO
  [jorge] Cassandra (Talk to evan): TODO
  [mark-mims] Rabbit and Sensu: TODO
  [jorge] Logstash: TODO
+ [jorge] University charming: TODO

Juju support for application server technologies (Django, JEE, RoR, etc)

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