[Bug 1060404] Re: update-grub runs and fails in containers

Colin Watson cjwatson at canonical.com
Tue Jan 8 17:08:00 UTC 2013

** Description changed:

+ [Impact] GRUB upgrades fail in containers.
+ [Test Case] Upgrade the grub-pc package in a container.
+ [Regression Potential] In itself, this postinst fix should be quite safe.  It's possible it won't solve the whole problem - e.g. linux-image-* upgrades calling update-grub - but I wanted to backport just what was in quantal/raring rather than getting creative in an SRU.
  [XXX edit - removed the SRU justification for lxc part.  The proposed solution
  was not safe, and was undone in a later commit.  devtmpfs cannot be mounted
  in a container, because changes under the container's /dev are then
  reflected in the host's /dev.
  If grub is installed in a container (as happens, for instance, with the
  ubuntu-cloud template) then an update of grub or linux-image will cause
  update-grub to be run.  It tries, finds it can't access the root device,
  fails, and causes the update to fail.
  It would be better for update-grub to detect that it is in a container
  and simply exit 0, so that the apt-get can succeed.  I'm attaching a
  debdiff which does that.

** Changed in: grub2 (Ubuntu Precise)
       Status: Confirmed => In Progress

** Changed in: grub2 (Ubuntu Precise)
     Assignee: (unassigned) => Colin Watson (cjwatson)

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  update-grub runs and fails in containers

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