[Bug 1090593] Re: D.ROOT-SERVERS.NET changing January 3rd 2013

Robie Basak 1090593 at bugs.launchpad.net
Mon Jan 7 23:26:35 UTC 2013

> Considering it's such an easy patch, no reason not to apply it though.

For the development release, it adds extra work to whoever does merges
in the future, and introduces the risk of an accidental regression if
not everything through to upstream has updated before Ubuntu. But if you
get the change in Debian, then Ubuntu will in time merge it without any
further ado.

To update stable releases, "Even the simplest of changes can cause
unexpected regressions due to lurking problems". See

I'm reluctant to push for this unless a clear consensus is reached,
somebody points out exactly what we've done in the past, or an
experienced Ubuntu developer tells me otherwise. I think the best place
to seek consensus on this is the ubuntu-server mailing list. If others
agree that the change is worth it, then, as you say, it's trivial to
actually do and I'd be happy to see it through.

Otherwise, this will get fixed in time as the change filters through
from upstream. This seems to me to be the path of least resistance,
especially because I don't think changing it earlier will result in any
real practical benefit. Anyone who cares enough is presumably already
running configuration management and can just change the conffile

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   D.ROOT-SERVERS.NET changing January 3rd 2013

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