[Blueprint servercloud-p-iso-install-testing] Ubuntu Server ISO Testing

James Page james.page at ubuntu.com
Tue Mar 27 21:28:47 UTC 2012

Blueprint changed by James Page:

Whiteboard changed:
  Update 20111001:
  Current ISO testing framework has been frozen; its not really
  maintainable past its current function in its current form.
  Framework will be re-factored to be more re-usable as part of work in
  the QA team.
  Work items that depend on new features postponed until precise+1.
  Requirements will be fed to the QA team.
  Summary of Objectives for Precise:
  1) Fill gaps in current server ISO testing scope
  - Multi LVM layout test
  - RAID tests
  - iSCSI root tests
  2) Automated testing of preseeded network installations using orchestra
  - Cover mini.iso testing for all supported releases.
  3) Separate ubuntu-server-iso-testing into framework and tests
  - Easier management of tests without rebuilding packages
  - Support for multiple releases much easier.
  4) Investigate frameworks for testing the actual installation experience
  Full session notes from UDS-P: http://pad.ubuntu.com/uds-p-servercloud-p
  Work items precise-alpha-1:
  Update ubuntu-server-iso-testing framework to support missing test cases: DONE
  Separate test configuration from framework codebase: DONE
  Work items precise-alpha-2:
  Write Multi-LVM test case: DONE
  Write RAID test case: DONE
  Work items precise-beta-1:
  Update test framework to support iSCSI testing: POSTPONED
  Write iSCSI root test cases: POSTPONED
  Work items precise-beta-2
  Automated testing of orchestra: POSTPONED
+ Tactical solution for automated iSCSI testing: DONE
  Work items:
- Expand manual test cases to cover options presented during install: TODO
+ Expand manual test cases to cover options presented during install: POSTPONED
  Investigation into potential frameworks for visual testing of server and desktop installs (speak to QA): DONE
  What do you think "Automated testing of preseed network installations using orchestra" will include? --Daviey

Ubuntu Server ISO Testing

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