[Blueprint servercloud-p-kronos] XCP Kronos support

Mike McClurg mike.mcclurg at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 14:09:48 UTC 2012

Blueprint changed by Mike McClurg:

Whiteboard changed:
  Session Notes:
  - What is XCP and Kronos?
  - Current state of Project Kronos
  - Work remaining (porting and packaging)
  - Ubuntu next-steps?
  - Could we used clustered LVM instead of our own version? Perhaps, but we haven't investigated that yet.
  - Can we ship XCP's modified LVM with Ubuntu? Yes, it is conceivable that this could work. Some patches could even be upstreamed, but likely not all of them.
  - chuck.short at canonical.com
  - adamg at canonical.com
  - alex at seamicro.com
  - med at canonical.com
  [zulcss]  Review blktap-dkms package: DONE
  Package Xen hypervisor OCaml packages: DONE
  xcp-eliloader uploaded to Debian: DONE
  blktap uploaded to Debian: DONE
  blktap-dkms uploaded to Debian: DONE
  xen-api-libs uploaded to Debian: DONE
- xcp-guest-packages uploaded to Debian: INPROGRESS
- xcp-storage-managers uploaded to Debian: INPROGRESS
- xcp-vncterm uploaded to Debian: INPROGRESS
- xcp-xapi uploaded to Debian: INPROGRESS
- Package XCP's LVM (optional): TODO
- Package XCP's multipathd (optional): TODO
- Package XCP's xsconsole (optional): TODO
+ xcp-guest-packages uploaded to Debian: DONE
+ xcp-storage-managers uploaded to Debian: DONE
+ xcp-vncterm uploaded to Debian: DONE
+ xcp-xapi uploaded to Debian: DONE
+ Package XCP's LVM (optional): HOLD
+ Package XCP's multipathd (optional): HOLD
+ Package XCP's xsconsole (optional): HOLD
  [davewalker]  Initial sync xcp-eliloader from Debian sid: DONE
  [davewalker]  Initial sync blktap from Debian Wheezy: DONE
  [davewalker]  Initial sync blktap-dkms from Debian sid: DONE
+ [mcclurmc] Request sync of xen-api from Debian Sid: INPROGRESS (Bug #962184)
- Note: The packages marked DONE are each somewhere between Debian Testing
- and having just been committed to Debian Sid. The packages marked
- INPROGRESS have been completed, and are being polished up so that we can
- upload them to Debian soon. Packages marked TODO have not been started
- (and are also low-priority extras).
+ https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xen-api/+bug/962184

XCP Kronos support

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