[Bug 920020] Re: NOT FOUND answer on OPTIONS request

Paul Belanger 920020 at bugs.launchpad.net
Sat Mar 10 22:08:15 UTC 2012

** Description changed:

  SIP OPTIONS req resulted in:
  <--- SIP read from UDP: --->
  OPTIONS sip: SIP/2.0
  Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=0
  From: sip:pinger at sip.c5ng.b3g-telecom.com;tag=0
  To: sip:
  Call-ID: d34db33f-1325692477-3368860901 at folays
  Content-Length: 0
  --- (7 headers 0 lines) ---
  Looking for  in default (domain
  <--- Transmitting (no NAT) to --->
  SIP/2.0 404 NOT FOUND
  Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=0;received=
  From: sip:pinger at sip.c5ng.b3g-telecom.com;tag=0
  Can be fixed by applying issue18348_v1.8.patch.
  Can this be included in new version of ubuntu package
+ Update: Paul Belanger
+ [Impact] 
+ Will fix SIP users that require OPTIONS messaged.  Usually for NATs.
+ [Development Fix]
+ This bug was fixed in asterisk
+ [Stable Fix]
+ Already fixed upstream and backported.
+ [Test Case]
+ You will need to make sure you have an ITSP that uses SIP OPTIONS, usually to check it the connect is still alive.  Once you have properly setup a SIP connect, for example you have create a sip peer called blah:
+ *CLi> sip set debug on peer blah
+ and confirm asterisk response with 200 OK to the OPTIONS message
+ [Regression Potential]
+ Minimal, a check of the asterisk issue tracker and code has not resulted in any know regressions.

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  NOT FOUND answer on OPTIONS request

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