[Blueprint servercloud-p-cloud-ha] Cloud HA

Andres Rodriguez andreserl at ubuntu-pe.org
Mon Mar 5 22:29:25 UTC 2012

Blueprint changed by Andres Rodriguez:

Whiteboard changed:
  Work Items:
  [andreserl] Merge/sync packages from debian: DONE
  [andreserl] MIR fence-agents: DONE
- Upgrade DRBD: TODO
  [andreserl] Update RHCS to latest: DONE
  [andreserl] Include new gfs2-utils package that comes from upgrading RHCS: DONE
  [andreserl] MIR gfs2-utils: DONE
  [ivoks] Test OCFS2 with cman/corosync/pacemaker: DONE
  [ivoks] Test GFS2 with cman/corosync/pacemaker: DONE
  [ivoks] Draft migration plan from pacemaker (GFS2/OCFS2) to pacemaker/cman (GFS2/OCFS2): TODO
  Look into RabbitMQ HA in Active/Active: POSTPONED
  Make sure everything works for OpenStack (RabbitMQ/MySQL): DONE
  Investigate pacemaker-cloud: POSTPONED
  Great concise draft, we should probably discuss HA with upstream openstack projects to make sure everything is covered. --Daviey
  == Agenda ==
   * OpenStack/HA
   * RHCS Upgrade
   * Pacemaker Cloud
  = IDEAS =
  Pacemaker Cloud - http://pacemaker-cloud.org/
   - Matahari, DeltaCloud, MRG Grid
   - https://github.com/pacemaker-cloud/pacemaker-cloud/blob/master/README.markdown
   - http://www.redhat.com/summit/2011/presentations/summit/whats_new/thursday/dake_th_1130_high_availability_in_the_cloud.pdf
  RabbitMQ HA
  Adjust/fix OpenStack rabbitmq client to support active-active connections
  RHCS Upgrade to 3.1.7 (or higher)
   - gfs2-utils
   - Test OCFS2 with cman/corosync/pacemaker
   - Test GFS2 with cman/corosync/pacemaker
  Investigate XMPP for intercloud communcation
  Look into deploying MySQL on top of ceph
  Work Items:

Cloud HA

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