[Blueprint servercloud-p-php54] PHP 5.4 for Ubuntu 12.04

Clint Byrum clint at fewbar.com
Fri Mar 2 18:08:43 UTC 2012

Blueprint changed by Clint Byrum:

Whiteboard changed:
- Status: 5.4 has not released yet, though it is in final rc stages.
- Debian has not been tracking the RC's, nor have we been able to devote
- enough resources to that in Ubuntu. Given the proximity to feature
- freeze and low priority given to this task, it looks like we'll ship
- 5.3.
+ Status: with 5.4.0 arriving after beta1, there is no conceivable way
+ that it can be shipped in 12.04 without potentially disrupting testing
+ efforts by early beta testers. 5.3 will be the PHP release in Ubuntu
+ 12.04. 5.4 will most *certainly* be shipped in precise+1, and should be
+ a good candidate for precise-backports.
  Work items:
  [ubuntu-server] In january, assess situation based on Debian status and decide 5.4 or 5.3 then: DONE
  [clint-fewbar] maintain a merged 5.4 in a PPA for until archive decision is made: POSTPONED
  [clint-fewbar] setup rebuilds for extensions that build-dep on php5-dev: POSTPONED
  [clint-fewbar] setup backport for lucid to allow wider PHP 5.4 testing before the upgrade: POSTPONED
  Does this require discussion or just rubber stamping? -- Daviey
  It is not entirely clear whether 5.4.0 will be sufficiently similar to 5.3.x to include in this release. The more conservative approach is just to ship 5.3.9 or 5.3.10 and leave 5.4.0 for 12.10, but the PHP community is interested in weighing in on the issue and I'd also like to hear the security team's take on the matter.
   * provide packages for both precise and lucid in the ppa (or lucid-backports) so people can test before upgrade
   * provide rebuilt extensions against the new ABI
  With both PHP 5.4.0 final and Ubuntu 12.04 Beta 1 released today, is it correct to assume that the chances of PHP 5.4 being shipped with Ubuntu 12.04 are basically non existant? -Clemens

PHP 5.4 for Ubuntu 12.04

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