[Bug 941905] Re: keystone user should not have a primary group of nogroup

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Fri Mar 2 15:20:23 UTC 2012

This bug was fixed in the package keystone - 2012.1~e4-0ubuntu1

keystone (2012.1~e4-0ubuntu1) precise; urgency=low

  [ Chuck Short ]
  * New upstream release.
  * debian/keystone.upstart: Update for ksl.
  * debian/control: Add python-keystoneclient as dependency.
  * debian/control: Fix typo.
  * debian/keystone.postinst: Update due to redux branch change.
  * debian/keystone.templates, debian/keystone.preinst, debian/kestone.postinst,
    debian/keystone.config, debian/README.Debian: Make keystone installation
    less interactive. (LP: #931236)
  * debian/keystone.postinst: Don't create users or run a database sync
    since its not working correctly.
  * debian/control: Dropped python-coverage and python-nosexcover.
  * debian/changelog: Fixed changelog.
  * debian/keystone.templates: Set it to false.
  * debian/control: Fix lintian warnings.
  * debian/patches/keystone-auth.patch: Backport auth token improvements,
    this can be dropped in the next snapshot.
  * debian/control: Add python-memcache as a build dependency.
  * debian/keystone-doc.docs: Fix keystone doc builds.
  * debian/rules: Temporarily disable doc install.
  * debian/control: Add python-ldap and python-lxml.

  [ Joseph Heck ]
  * debian/control: Dropped python-cli.

  [ Adam Gandelman ]
  * debian/control: Alphabetize python depends
  * debian/control: Add python-{eventlet, greenlet, passlib} to keystone
  * debian/control: Add python-lxml to python-keystone Depends
  * Drop 0001-Fix-keystone-all-failure-to-start.patch
  * debian/logging.conf: Temporarily use old logging.conf until upstream
    ships something usable
  * debain/patches/sql_connection.patch: Switch backends to use SQL backends
  * debian/keystone.preinst: Create directories
  * debian/keystone.postinst: Remove create_users stuff, add call to 'db_sync'
    on install

  [ Dave Walker ]
  * debian/patches/sql_connection.patch: Refreshed and reintroduced DEP-3
  * debian/control: Added Vcs-Bzr field.

  [ Andrew Glen-Young ]
  * debian/keystone.preinst: Set the primary group to keystone. (LP: #941905)
 -- Chuck Short <zulcss at ubuntu.com>   Fri, 02 Mar 2012 09:55:24 -0500

** Changed in: keystone (Ubuntu)
       Status: New => Fix Released

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  keystone user should not have a primary group of nogroup

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