[Bug 569757] Re: NIS upstart dependency broken for lucid

Jeremy Yoder 569757 at bugs.launchpad.net
Wed Feb 29 03:54:12 UTC 2012

Is that change to CRON backported to Lucid?  I'm guessing not, but that
would be nice.

As for gdm/lightdm/atd I think the crucial one there is atd.  The login
stuff probably takes long enough to start that NIS will be up by then
(plus that's nowhere near an exhaustive list of *dm's and adding all of
them is probably the wrong way to go).

I'm torn on whether to add the upstart wrappers or completely replace
init.d with upstart in Lucid.  I guess I'd lean towards the more minimal
change to Lucid and having the new system in Precise, but I defer to
your expertise.  As long as one of them happens I think we're good.

Somehow I missed Clint's reply to my message, but since NIS is pretty
darn hosed in Lucid without one of these workarounds, I can't see how
anyone would mind it actually working out of the box.  Even if the
change breaks the duct tape things people have done for 2 years to work
around this bug, at least they can back those things out once and count
on it not breaking again.  Also, the type of people who are really going
to care are going to check the changelogs before they update :)

Thanks guys!

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  NIS upstart dependency broken for lucid

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