[Bug 869684] Re: 530 login incorrect error after upgrade to Oneiric

Nick McCloud nick at descartes.co.uk
Tue Feb 21 23:58:31 UTC 2012

Last December I setup 10.04 on a machine as a LAMP with vsftpd:

Changed the conf: Removed the anonymous access, enable write access,
chroot users to their home directory & set local_umask to 022

All good.

Do it today (21st Feb 2012) but just Apache, transmission and vsftpd,
change the conf as above, no dice, 530 error.

After some hacking about I get bored, uninstall, reinstall and bingo, it
all works.

Looking at what flashed before me post install, the ftp group may not
have been configured correctly the first time round.

I'm a bit noob to be of much use but I can confirm that this issue does

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  530 login incorrect error after upgrade to Oneiric

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