[Bug 936762] Re: lxc-ubuntu template sets user shell, without checking it's installed

Serge Hallyn 936762 at bugs.launchpad.net
Mon Feb 20 14:39:35 UTC 2012

Quoting Martin Pool (mbp at canonical.com):
> So this could be, and maybe should be, addressed in both lxc and
> launchpad setuplxc.
> * launchpad can work around this by just forcing the user's shell back
> to bash or by installing zsh (which would be slightly nicer for me, and
> any other users, and make things very slightly slower to download.)
> * The lxc-ubuntu template probably needs to take care of this some how.
> I don't know how.  Perhaps parsing the pwent line, and installing the
> right shell?  I think it would be inappropriate and dangerous to change
> it there.

Thanks, Martin.  I will have the template exit with error (and an error
message in case it was called by a human) if, after container creation,
the specified shell doesn't exist.  (lxc-create will go on to clean up
the container)


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  lxc-ubuntu template sets user shell, without checking it's installed

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