[Blueprint servercloud-p-freeipa-tech-preview] FreeIPA Tech Preview

Timo Aaltonen tjaalton at ubuntu.com
Mon Feb 20 14:01:26 UTC 2012

Blueprint changed by Timo Aaltonen:

Whiteboard changed:
  Rather fine-grained task list below. Uploading full 389ds stack is not
  necessary (hence status isn't BLOCKED), though not a whole lot of work
  after the prereqs are already done.
  Work items (precise-alpha-2):
  [tjaalton] package python-nss: DONE
  [tjaalton] upload python-nss: DONE
  [tjaalton] package python-krbv: DONE
  [tjaalton] upload python-krbv: DONE
  [tjaalton] package certmonger: DONE
  [tjaalton] upload certmonger: DONE
  [tjaalton] add gssapi delegation support for curl (merge from Debian): DONE
  [tjaalton] add gssapi delegation support for xmlrpc-c (patch from RHEL): DONE
  [tjaalton] package svrcore: DONE
  [tjaalton] upload svrcore: DONE
  [tjaalton] package libmozilla-ldap-perl: DONE
  [tjaalton] package 389-ds-base: DONE
  [tjaalton] test /usr/sbin/setup-ds: DONE
  [vorlon] Include ldif.h in libldap2-dev by updating openldap to >=2.4.26: DONE
  [tjaalton] upload libmozilla-ldap-perl (needs new openldap): DONE
  [tjaalton] package ldapjdk: DONE
  [tjaalton] upload ldapjdk: DONE
  [tjaalton] package jss: DONE
  [tjaalton] upload jss: DONE
  [tjaalton] package idm-console-framework: DONE
  [tjaalton] package libapache2-mod-nss: DONE
  [tjaalton] package tomcatjss: DONE
  [tjaalton] package osutil: DONE
  [tjaalton] upload osutil: DONE
  [tjaalton] package dogtag-pki-theme: DONE
  [tjaalton] package 389-adminutil: DONE
  [tjaalton] package 389-admin: DONE
  [tjaalton] package 389-admin-console: DONE
  [tjaalton] package 389-console: DONE
  [tjaalton] package 389-ds-console: DONE
  Work items (ubuntu-12.04-beta-1):
  [tjaalton] package pki-core: INPROGRESS
  [tjaalton] upload 389-ds-base: INPROGRESS
  [tjaalton] upload idm-console-framework (needs ldapjdk): INPROGRESS
- [tjaalton] upload libapache2-mod-nss: INPROGRESS
- [tjaalton] upload tomcatjss (needs jss): INPROGRESS
+ [tjaalton] upload libapache2-mod-nss: DONE
+ [tjaalton] upload tomcatjss: DONE
  [tjaalton] upload dogtag-pki-theme: TODO
  [tjaalton] upload pki-core (needs ldapjdk, jss, osutil, tomcatjss): TODO
  [tjaalton] package slapi-nis, or drop NIS support from freeipa (if possible): TODO
  [tjaalton] upload slapi-nis: TODO
  [tjaalton] package freeipa-client: DONE
  [tjaalton] upload freeipa-client: INPROGRESS
  [tjaalton] package pki-core: INPROGRESS
  [tjaalton] package freeipa-server: INPROGRESS
  [tjaalton] upload freeipa-server: BLOCKED
  [tjaalton] test /usr/sbin/ipa-client-install: INPROGRESS
  [tjaalton] test /usr/sbin/ipa-server-install: TODO
  Work items:
  [tjaalton] package 389-dsgw: DONE
  [tjaalton] package 389-ds meta package: INPROGRESS
  [tjaalton] upload 389-adminutil: INPROGRESS
  [tjaalton] upload 389-admin (needs 389-adminutil, 389-ds-base, libapache2-mod-nss): INPROGRESS
  [tjaalton] upload 389-dsgw: INPROGRESS
  [tjaalton] upload 389-admin-console (needs idm-console-framework): INPROGRESS
  upload 389-console: TODO
  upload 389-ds-console: TODO
  upload 389-ds: TODO
  tjaalton -- 2012-02-16: FF today, so pushing everything that's verified
  to be finished. Splitting freeipa-client apart from the server, that can
  be worked on separately. Client got uploaded to precise.

FreeIPA Tech Preview

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