[Blueprint servercloud-p-ceph] Preparing CEPH for main inclusion

Clint Byrum clint at fewbar.com
Wed Feb 15 17:08:49 UTC 2012

Blueprint changed by Clint Byrum:

Whiteboard changed:
  Work Items:
  [canonical-kernel-team] investigate large xattr support patch from Ted T'so in ext4: TODO
  [canonical-kernel-team] potentially help push large xattr support to ext4: TODO
  confer with kernel-team to decide on which to recommend, ext4/xfs/btrfs: TODO
  define Ubuntu supported configurations of CEPH: TODO
  improve ceph charms: TODO
  integrate ceph charm with openstack charms: TODO
  libvirt changes needed: TODO
- [serge-hallyn] enable rbd and rados in qemu-kvm builds: BLOCKED
+ MIR ceph ( http://pad.lv/932898 ): DONE
+ [serge-hallyn] enable rbd and rados in qemu-kvm builds: TODO
  [nijaba] correctly message technology preview for non-supported bits: TODO
  investigate apache + 100 continue support for rados S3 GW: TODO
  push nagios and collectd plugins into Ubuntu/Debian/Upstream: TODO
  setup automated build recipe against upstream source: TODO
  import upstream test suite into archive: TODO
  [sconklin] ext4/btrfs/xfs testing in QA: TODO
  No formal spec needed IMO, this is just a pile of straight forward actions.
   * gceph is not reasonable to be in main (upstream doesnt want to
      Today rbd is loaded loaded at runtime
   - MIR librbd and librados for qemu/kvm
    - compile qemu-kvm with ceph (rbd, rados) block device support, see:
    - https://launchpad.net/~kirkland/+archive/virt/+packages
   - MIR all of ceph for hosting ceph
   - include latest libvirt rbd support (for rbd authentication)
   - Existing Openstack Support
     - Nova since cactus can use CEPH for block
     - Diablo added glance support for CEPH for image storage
   - Dreamhost using mainline BTRFS and debian kernel for current deployment
  - Dreamhost launching at scale in a few "weeks"
  - CEPH is an independent business unit under Dreamhost
  - Dreamhost using fastcgi + apache for rados gateway (can use nginx, too)
  - Upstream makes a release every 2 weeks
  - No stable release branches upstream
  - Limited deployment outside Dreamhost
  - unencrypted over the wire
    - apps can implement security on top of it
    - IPv6 is supported
  Additional Opportunities:
  - Integrate tightly with OpenStack in packaging
  - Add support for ceph in juju openstack charms
  - BTRFS ideal, XFS also working well, ext4 missing "large xattr" support
  - Upstream asserts that CEPH is under heavy development (cmdline programs remind user at every execution)
   - in the openstack use case, for kvm, there is no need for kernel code at all
    - if we want to support xen, it would require using the block device kernel code for rdb
  Support Targets:
  - RBD

Preparing CEPH for main inclusion

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