[Blueprint servercloud-p-libvirt] Libvirt plans for p

Serge Hallyn serge.hallyn at ubuntu.com
Tue Feb 14 22:35:02 UTC 2012

Blueprint changed by Serge Hallyn:

Whiteboard changed:
  NOTE: jdstrand> reviewed the svirt for lxc implementation and the code
  is already there. The main question is policy. Once it is upstream and
  the apparmor containers work is done, we can examine the driver in more
  detail and develop appropriate policy.
  Status: Not yet started
  Work Items:
  [serge-hallyn] document fix for pkcs11 module error (bug 888199): DONE
  [serge-hallyn] Package netcf in Debian: DONE
  [serge-hallyn] MIR netcf: DONE
  [jdstrand] look at svirt for lxc: DONE
  [serge-hallyn] Add needed apparmor lines to support spice: DONE
  [serge-hallyn] Find way to have libvirt call qemu-kvm-spice if installed: DONE
- [serge-hallyn] Complete bash completion for virsh and send upstream: TODO
- [serge-hallyn] enable netcf: TODO
+ [serge-hallyn] Complete bash completion for virsh and send upstream: DONE
+ [serge-hallyn] enable netcf: BLOCKED
  [gandelman-a] Ping Ceph devs regarding any pending patches to libvirt upstream: TODO
  [serge-hallyn] start basic qrt test for lxc define/start/destroy/list: TODO
  suspend-on-shutdown was removed in debian.
  openvswitch patches are still being discussed for libvirt.

Libvirt plans for p

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