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James Page james.page at ubuntu.com
Tue Feb 14 12:36:38 UTC 2012

Blueprint changed by James Page:

Whiteboard changed:
  Status 20122501
  Dev packages avaliable for hadoop, hive, pig, hbase and hadoop-zookeeper
  in http://launchpad.net/~hadoop-ubuntu/+archive/dev
  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:hadoop-ubuntu/dev
  Target versions of Hadoop components:
  pig-0.9.0 (0.9.1)
  hive-0.7.1 (? 0.8.1 is out and should be compatible with hcatalog 0.2.0)
  zookeeper-3.3.2 (3.3.4)
  Q: Their website indicates they will use ambari as something devops/juju-like. Clearly we want to use juju but have they made any ambari assumptions?
  A:  No idea - one to ask Matt
  Package naming:
  Packages that target partner CANNOT have the same name as packages in
  the main archive so zookeeper will be:
  This will prevent and conflicts with the zookeeper package in the main
  Packaging will use bigtop as a base.
   - reuse of control file structure will help support bigtop packages in juju charms as and when they support precise.
  Java will NOT be rebuilt during the package build process.
  Native libraries will be rebuilt during the package build process.
  Q: What does this mean for the hive embedded in hcatalog (via hcatalog-0.2.0/hive/external)? I'm guessing we just use the hdp-hive package we create.
  Patches may be required for native build components.
  Debconf configuration in packages is useful for Juju charms and should be applied where appropriate.
  --- Debconf currently in use:  namenode, jobtracker and hdfs_dir
  Binary distributions will be used from upstream (no source build by default).
  Q: Exactly what does this mean in this context? Binary distributions of ...  Are these the jar files inside the hortonworks/apache source (e.g. ./hive-0.7.1+/lib/javaewah-0.3.jar?
  A: So most of the apache projects ship a binary distribution tarball which includes all of the compile Java etc so we should not build from source - just re-use these jars etc...
  hcatalog not packaged in bigtop trunk (need to check branches)
  JAVA_HOME and use of openjdk-6/7?  JAVA_HOME detection - bigtop use a specific package for this (bigtop-utils) which tries to guess - might be worth re-using.
  java-package as recommended approach to re-packaging Oracle java for Ubuntu (generates Debian packaging from upstream binary distro).
  Kerberos security - probably actually needs to be a charm configuration option to secure a cluster.
  Q:  For Kerberos, do we have the necessary dependencies to get this done?  If so, I can do the charm work.j
  Q:  Re: Kerberos.  We may need to really look into this as this will end up affecting not only hadoop but, all of the other parts ( hive, pig, etc. ) as well.  This can really complicate the packaging/charming as well so, we may not have time to get it all done in this cycle.  Just my thoughts.
  MultiArch native libraries in hdp-hadoop package - should not must.
  Hive contains patches for hcatalog support - we need to work these in somehow (maybe a overlay to the binary re-distribution).
  External dependency on mysql-connector? and maybe mysql?
  No binary distribution - only source so will need to be built locally to produce release tarbal.
  Work items:
  Resolve conflict between archive zookeeper and partner zookeeper (1): DONE
  [james-page] Package zookeeper for partner (2): DONE
  [james-page] Package hadoop for partner (2): DONE
  [james-page] Rebuild native component during package rebuild for hadoop (3): DONE
  Package hcatalog for partner (3): TODO
  [negronjl] Package pig for partner (2): DONE
  [james-page] Package hbase for partner (2): DONE
  [negronjl] Package hive for partner (2): DONE
  [james-page] Work out solution for JAVA_HOME detection/override (1): DONE
- Partner Archive upload and review: TODO
- [negronjl] Juju charm for zookeeper (will depend on the zookeeper package): TODO
+ Partner Archive upload and review: POSTPONED
+ [james-page] Juju charm for zookeeper (will depend on the zookeeper package): INPROGRESS
  [negronjl] Juju charm for hcatalog (will depend on the hcatalog package): TODO
  [negronjl] Juju charm for pig (will depend on the pig package): TODO
  [negronjl] Juju charm for hbase (will depend on the hbase package): TODO
  [negronjl] Juju charm for hive (will depend on the hive package): TODO
  [negronjl] Update hadoop charm for HDP packaging (will add option to select between the existing hadoop and the new hdp-hadoop package): TODO
  Support iterating packaging as charms are developed (5): TODO
  Test deployment and packaging: TODO
  Provide support for charming work and review packaging installs: TODO

Ubuntu Server - Hadoop

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