[Blueprint servercloud-p-openstack-charms] Revisiting openstack juju charms

Adam Gandelman adam.gandelman at canonical.com
Wed Feb 8 02:06:30 UTC 2012

Blueprint changed by Adam Gandelman:

Whiteboard changed:
  Work items:
  nova-cloud-controller - Split into charms after Juju supports multiple units on a machine (or colocation): BLOCKED
  [gandelman-a]  nova-network - Add VLAN net manager support: TODO
  [gandelman-a]  glance - ceph interface and optional, configurable S3 support: POSTPONED
  glance - split API and registry server to individual charms (when Juju features become available): BLOCKED
  swift - general overhaul/cleanup: TODO
  swift - refactor/reimplement storage node add-unit / remove-unit & balancing: TODO
  swift:-proxy - load balancing relations: TODO
  all charms: need relations to nagios and collectd: POSTPONED
  [gandelman-a]  keystone - charm needed: DONE
- [gandelman-a]  nova-volume - charm needed: INPROGRESS
+ [gandelman-a]  nova-volume - charm needed: DONE
  [gandelman-a]  horizon - charm needed: DONE
  [gandelman-a]  nova-compute - SSL for live migration: TODO
  rabbitmq - add active-active clustering support: TODO
  melange - charm needed if quantum is supported (tech preview): TODO
  Current Charms:
   * nova-cloud-controller
   * nova-compute
   * glance
   * swift-proxy
   * swift-storage
  TODOS for current charms:
   * Reimplement swift-storage pool (one juju service unit per swift zone, allow add-unit per zone)
   * Break nova-cloud-controller into individual charms (nova-api, nova-scheduler, nova-objectstore)
   * Enable and ensure Horizontal scaling  of swift-proxy , glance and nova-cloud-controller
  Charms needed:
   * keystone
   * nova-volume
  Work Items:

Revisiting openstack juju charms

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