[Blueprint servercloud-p-automated-boot-testing] Automated Boot/Shutdown/Reboot Testing

Clint Byrum clint at fewbar.com
Thu Feb 2 23:49:17 UTC 2012

Blueprint changed by Clint Byrum:

Whiteboard changed:
+ Status: reboot test methods developed, now need to add post-reboot tests
+ to any of the existing tests that will benefit from it. Also need to
+ integrate into the main iso testing so they are run.
  Work Items:
  Evaluate jenkins framework for capability of boot/deploy testing: DONE
  Develop common test procedure lp:~clint-fewbar/+junk/reboot-test: DONE
- Develop test for minimal install: INPROGRESS
- Develop test for Full install (all non-conflicting packages): TODO
+ Develop test for minimal install lp:~clint-fewbar/+junk/server-tests-reboot: DONE
+ Scope creep from extremely long setup/tear down for ubuntu server iso testing framework: DONE
+ Develop test for Full install (all non-conflicting packages): INPROGRESS
  Develop test for supported upgrade path (oneiric -> precise): TODO
  Develop test for LAMP app: TODO
  Develop test for complex networking (bridging, bonding): TODO
  Develop test for OpenStack deploy: POSTPONED
  Develop test for Samba + LDAP + Kerberos backend: POSTPONED
  Develop test for bare metal recovery from backups: POSTPONED
- Document setup procedures for testing framework: TODO
+ Document setup procedures for testing framework: INPROGRESS
  Create metrics from boot tests for boot time analysis: POSTPONED
  == Actions from Session ==
   * Find a base framework to support boot and deployment testing:
    * Boot:
     * Minimal install  - startup and shutdown OK
     * Full install - startup and shutdown OK
     * Complete upgrade and then re-test.
     * collect metrics on boot time
    * Image Proving
     * RAID testing.
     * Multipath and encryption
     * ISO installs of AMI
     * Package Removal Testing:
      * install services
      * start services
      * check services
      * stop services
      * uninstall services
      * re-install same services
      * start & re-check services
   * Configure for complex deployment scenarios:
    * Wiki + Database + Memcache + Load Balancer
    * Bridging and bonding of network interfaces
    * Networking File Systems
    * Openstack Deployment test
    * Launchpad
    * Samba + LDAP or Kerberos Backend
    * Backup solutions

Automated Boot/Shutdown/Reboot Testing

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