[Bug 644961] Re: qemu crash in rootstock second step during "Setting up console-setup (1.34ubuntu15)" (log reported in bootstrap.log)

Matteo Mattei 644961 at bugs.launchpad.net
Thu Sep 23 09:09:43 BST 2010

This is the rootstock command I use:

sudo ./rootstock \
        --fqdn NGP \
        --login myuser \
        --password mypassword \
        --imagesize 1G \
        --serial ttyS2 \
        --doswap \
        --swapsize 256 \
        --script ${HOME}/rootstock/setup.sh \
        --mirror http://localhost/ubuntu-armel \
        --manifest ${HOME}/rootstock/manifest.txt \
        --extra-mirror http://localhost/my-custom-packages \
        --locale en_US.UTF-8

    setup.sh is a file with my customization
    http://localhost/ubuntu-armel is my local repository (mirrored with apt-mirror to the ubuntu official one)
    http://localhost/my-custom-packages is a local repository with some custom packages

The final images is generated w/o problem during the output (attached)
but in the bootstrap.log (it is attached too) I see some errors:

Unsupported ioctl: cmd=0xc020660b     <---- repeted more times


Setting up console-setup (1.34ubuntu15) ...
qemu: Unsupported syscall: 250
plymouth: ply-event-loop.c:466: ply_event_loop_new: Assertion `loop->epoll_fd >= 0' failed.
qemu: uncaught target signal 6 (Aborted) - core dumped
update-initramfs: deferring update (trigger activated)

Anyway, I have never started up the image using qemu... I only need the
ubuntu archive image to install in my board but looking in
/var/log/bootstrap.log I saw those errors...

Again, using my generated built image, sometimes I experience a lot of
"Segmentation fault" or "Illegal instruction" running some common tools
like "top, grep, ps, ls etc...", should it be related to the error

** Attachment added: "rootstock flow and bootstrap.txt"

qemu crash in rootstock second step during "Setting up console-setup (1.34ubuntu15)" (log reported in bootstrap.log)
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