[Bug 621509] Re: mysqld randomly causes system to not respond to commands

Luke J Militello Luke at DigitalEnigma.net
Tue Sep 21 04:49:01 BST 2010

Clint, the last time this happened, I watched the system attempt to
reboot when issued from command line via console.  It appears the reboot
sequence hangs on attempting to halt mysqld.  As far as I can tell, I
belive something in conjuction with Cacti and MySQL is causing this
problem.  It seems to happen when Cacti is still waiting for a response
from a busy client it is monitoring and then the poller fires up another
check while the one prior is still waiting.  Once enough of these get
backed up, it does something to cause mysqld to go rogue and that's when
my problems start.  I might also add that I have spine running with
Cacti which was not a default package for 8.04.  Thus, I pulled down
spine from the 8.10 respositories as well as all the necessary
dependencies.  I fear this might be the root cause.  Either way, I am
planning on replacing this system all together with a new one, at which
time it will run 10.04.  So in short, I believe something I did might be
causing this.  Once I port my configs over to the new system, I shall
see if the problem follows.

mysqld randomly causes system to not respond to commands
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