[Bug 615077] Re: [Maverick] SDL local window broken in last update

Marc Deslauriers marc.deslauriers at canonical.com
Thu Sep 16 22:03:12 BST 2010

There are two issues here:

1- virtinst creates the libvirt xml file with a hardcoded Xauthority
file set to ~/.Xauthority. The version of gdm that comes with Maverick
now sets the xauthority file to a dynamic directory in /var/run/gdm.
Every time you log in, your Xauthority file will be in a different
directory, it is therefore not possible to fix virtinst. libvirt would
need to be substantially modified to omit having the xauthority file
specified directly in the xml, and would need to obtain it from the
user's environment each time he starts a VM.

2- libvirt now runs with reduced privileges. When kvm is spawned, it is
now done so under the libvirt-qemu user, which does not have the
appropriate permissions required to access the user's xauthority file.

[Maverick] SDL local window broken in last update
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