[Bug 419182] Re: KVM and audio driver in Windows 7

Zhang Weiwu zhangweiwu at realss.com
Wed Sep 15 12:57:27 BST 2010

As I do have a physical ES1370 sound card I want to share my experience.

1. I installed Windows 7 64-bit "Advanced Home" Edition, Windows
notified it tried but cannot find a driver for it.

2. I tried to go to Device Manager and ask for a driver update, selected
to let windows choose the right driver on internet. It prompts fail to
find any driver.

3. Google on the Internet finds multiple website offering download of a
driver whose file name is "creative_es1370_60_win7.rar" and titled
"ES1370/ES1371/ES1373 driver for Windows 7 version 6.00", which doesn't
work for me. Examples:

( both site checks HTTP head referral thus I cannot give direct download link. But on the later site, the download link is easy to find without reading Chinese, look at lower left column of the page where there is a column of 3 anmiated download icon, any one of these icon should work.)

It confuses me that the driver is not offered on English websites but I
only found them on Chinese sites.

Download the driver, unpackage it to a folder, in Device Manager I
update driver and specified location of the driver, Windows 7 prompts me
no driver was found in that place.

Open the .inf file in the drvier package it is obvious this is a generic
driver for almost a hundred different models of sound cards.

Conclusion: still no clue of a working driver of ES1370

The wiki page on http://www.linux-kvm.org/page/Sound suggested Windows 7
should find the driver by itself from the Internet, but the driver
constantly crash. It is not true in my case. My Win7 cannot find the
driver by itself, although, there is a chance it work without crash
thanks to the physical device in presence.

KVM and audio driver in Windows 7
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