[Bug 569757] Re: NIS upstart dependancy broken for lucid

Thomas Ribbrock emgaron+ubuntu at ribbrock.org
Thu Oct 7 08:26:54 BST 2010

Why is this bug only "wishlist"? NIS not working properly is a problem
in its own right, but the fact that NIS has not been converted to
upstart *also* causes problems with autofs - see
https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nis/+bug/570513 (which is
exactly what has bitten us after the upgrade from Hardy). There are
still quite a few set-ups (e.g. in small companies) using NIS+autofs and
compared to the previous LTS version (Hardy) this is a regression in my
opinion. Hence, I would like to add my vote to the necessity of an SRU -
this should definitely be fixed in Lucid, given that Lucid is LTS.

NIS upstart dependancy broken for lucid
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