[Bug 551544] Re: puppet in lucid does not support upstart status

Nigel Kersten nigel at explanatorygap.net
Wed Mar 31 20:32:41 BST 2010

To clarify, assuming the status situation with upstarted init.d scripts
is resolved, I don't see any major reason why the existing provider
wouldn't continue to at least function well enough for users?

The update-rc situation isn't ideal, which is why I suggested an initctl
based provider, which really should be trivial to write given it already
supports start, stop, status and list.

I don't see Puppet upstream integrating such a provider into the 0.25.x
series as the commit rules are now for no new functionality to go into
minor updates in a release series, but if someone puts it together soon,
it can definitely make it into 'rowlf', the next major version.

puppet in lucid does not support upstart status 
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