[Bug 548458] Re: uec-component-listener needs to respect deregistered components

Thierry Carrez thierry.carrez at ubuntu.com
Fri Mar 26 14:21:25 GMT 2010

Dustin: I'm not sure that's a bug :)

uec-component-listener watches for new announcements, so it won't re-
register your node unless you stop and start the publication again (or
restart the node)... which to me means that you want the node to be re-
registered. It will also register your node again if you restart the
uec-component-listener process.

I think the classic use case is the following:
You want to remove a node from your cluster. You will shutdown your node and unregister it. If you restart it and you have autoregistration enabled, for me it means you want it to be used again. Otherwise I don't see the point in restarting it. If you don't want node autoregistration to happen, you can disable it at the CC level.

Using a blacklist would just prevent a specific IP address from being
autoregistered ever again. I'm not sure why I would want that.

Maybe I don't understand the problem you're trying to solve...

** Changed in: eucalyptus (Ubuntu)
       Status: Triaged => Incomplete

uec-component-listener needs to respect deregistered components
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