[Bug 515274] Re: [FFE] Latest Stable is 5.0.1

Chuck Short chuck.short at canonical.com
Fri Mar 19 15:14:37 GMT 2010


- We believe that we have resolved most of the problems
  concerning canceled or failed jobs being "stuck" in the
  Director.  There is one outstanding problem in the SD when
  canceling jobs that we will fix in the next major release.
  If you see jobs that seem to be stuck, in general issuing
  a cancel command in bconsole should now make them go away.

- The default for "Allow Duplicate Jobs" has been changed from 
  no to yes.  If you use this directive, please check your
  conf file, and note the next two items !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- AllowHigherDuplicates disabled. It did not work as documented   
    and was confusing.
- New directive "CancelLowerLevelDuplicates" See New Features
  section in the manual.
- Truncate on Purge rewritten.  See New Features section in the manual.

Bug fixes:
1448 1466 1467 1468 1476 1481 1486 1488 1494 1497 
1499 1501 1505 1509 1513

- Ensure SD asks for help when looping even if poll set. Fixes bug #1513.
- Fix three-pool regress bug
- Modify bacula.spec fixes bug #1505
- This version fixes an issue where the console window would start out
  docked. It is fixed by initiating the variables in the Pages class wi
- Fix make_catalog_backup.pl fails when catalog db is on other host
- Apply MacOSX installer patch from bug #1509
- Apply fix to previous fix of Copy problem. Fix proposed by reporter o
- Fix bug #1501 -t does not print errors
- Apply SQLite3 update fix from bug #1497
- Apply bashism fix for diskchanger.in script from bug #1499
- Apply rpm fix for Sci Linux from bug #1494
- Take most recent Ukranian po from bug #1448
- Probable fix for Copy/Migration bug #1476
- Fix bug #1488 -- avoid recursion and race conditions in messages.c
- Upgrade cats library also to 5.0.0
- Fix missing console page in bat
- Add bat help files to Window install
- Improve Windows upgrade to ensure old FD is shutdown
- Fix bug #1481 -- bat consumes all console file descriptors
- Backport truncate on purge from 5.1.x
- Fix bug #1486 -- bat doesn't show any errors on command-line
- Update the bsock error URL
- Correct .my.cnf umask in make_catalog_backup.pl
- Apply fix for dbcheck use by make_catalog_backup.pl
- Fix seg fault in bscan from new comment field
- Allow multiple CNs when using TLS
- Fix seg fault in SQlite driver
- Make shared libs version the same as the Bacula release version
- Remove file_index sequential check
- Fix #1466 about Bogus pruning message

** Changed in: bacula (Ubuntu)
   Importance: Wishlist => High

** Changed in: bacula (Ubuntu)
    Milestone: None => ubuntu-10.04-beta-2

[FFE] Latest Stable is 5.0.1
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