[Bug 524450] Re: smbd panic using root postexec

Chris Weiss cweiss at gmail.com
Wed Mar 10 15:12:47 GMT 2010

You'll need some cd iso's in a directory, then see my "samba.conf" for
how i create the shares.  the share names should match the iso file name
but add a "iso-" prefix.  the mount and unmount scripts will handle
creating the share directories and loop mounting and unmounting the iso
files to it

I've not tried it on a different 9.04 or 9.10 yet though and I suspect i
may have a different problem.  I decided to go production with this
server anyway, and I have an old application that runs on NT4 IIS that
uses an IIS virtual directory to a UNC path that is just a normal samba
share, no pre/post-exec's, on this server and it too is panicing smbd in
exactly the same way.  No other shares or clients are causing panics.

the behavior is a little different, the share still works initially but
seems to call the panic action quite often, possibly when IIS decides
the share is idle and disconnects it, and it will usually reconnect on
the next access, but so far once a day it will not reconnect requiring a
restart of the IIS admin service.  This setup has been working perfectly
(as far as I know) for many years, starting with samba 2.4.x on Debian
Sarge and with various Ubuntu and samba versions since.

The common factor it seem is when windows disconnects from a share
without a full system logoff or shutdown.  Is there a way to increase
logging for just a single share to get more data?  I have 50 clients
PC's on this now so a system wide log level increase will make a hell of
a lot of noise.

smbd panic using root postexec
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