[Bug 532286] Re: Samba: remote Win XP and Mac OS X machines can no longer mount shares

Patrick Goetz pgoetz at mail.utexas.edu
Tue Mar 9 18:36:40 GMT 2010

"could you place a Linux system in that network and
reproduce the trace?"

Good call, Thierry!  I was certain that the linux machine would be able
to connect from, but was shocked to discover that it
doesn't.  A trace of the packets shows the same lack of response from
the SMB server.  This lead to a few more tests indicating that the
problem must be that the ISP is blocking incoming port 445 traffic.

Normally I would have suspected this, but in this case I have Windows XP
users on another subnet for which this was working right up until the
day of the system upgrade, and didn't work subsequently.  Since
(presumably) nothing changed on their end during this 3-day period; i.e.
no new ISP, no new firewall, same Windows XP machines, I assumed the
problem must be with the server.  Since I've subsequently been able to
mount shares from a Windows XP machine on a different subnet, this can't
be the problem.  I still don't have an explanation for why the TCP SMB
connection was working for the actual Win XP users prior to the upgrade
from Debian to Lucid, but not after.

Please mark this bug as "Invalid" with my humble apologies!!  I plan not
to be fooled by this trick again.

Samba: remote Win XP and Mac OS X machines can no longer mount shares
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